Multicultural Counseling By Sunita Puskar. 1/e. 2021 -Hardcover

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Counseling is a type of counseling where the therapist addresses the struggles of a client who’s race, gender, socioeconomic background, religion, or any other part of their identity doesn’t fit in with the majority. Minorities have a history of dealing with racism and oppression, and in this lens, a counselor that doesn’t take that information into account isn’t able to effectively counsel. In the therapy session, the socioculitural environment of the individual and issues of power and privilege are given attention.This is a strengths based approach; counselors focus on positive change in both the process and the outcome.The driving force behind multicultural counseling is that people from minority groups view the world through different lenses and that counselors, psychologists, and therapists of any race need to be sensitive to their unique difficulties and experiences. Multicultural counseling involves therapists demonstrating an understanding of their patients and their struggles with cultural issues, racism, and other related experiences. Always emphasizing caring and empathy, multicultural counseling enables therapists to better address unique challenges, considering how a patient’s experience may be different from their Own. Multicultural counseling is one of the major theoretical forces in psychology. It emerged as a necessary backlash to traditional psychological theories that assumed that Eurocentric White and middle-class values are societal norms.

Competence in multicultural counseling is crucial in societies with multiple representations of Cultural groups whose social power and privilege statuses are differentiated based on visible (e.g., race, gender) and invisible(e.g., homosexual/bisexual/trans-gendered orientation, language) attributes. The book covers both theory and practice, outlining different approaches to multicutural and transcultural counseling, highlighting the racism implicit in some counseling theory and providing examples of multicultural counseling practice.

1.Multicultural Counseling:Types, Strategies, and Techniques
2. Counseling and Psychotherapy
3. Cultural Knowledge and Counseling,
4. Understanding Multicultural Counseling Theory
5.Therapies:Psycho dynamic,Humanistic, Cognitive and Behaviour
6. Cognitively Oriented Counseling Approaches
7. Multicultural Counseling Skills
8. Cognitive Behavioural Counselling
9. Personality Development through Dream Therapy
10. Risk Factors for Mental illness, 11.Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.


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