Genetics By Monroe W. Strickberger. 3rd Edition. 1985. Paperback.

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Genetics; Cellular division and chromosomes; Reproductive cycles.
Nucleic acids; Repllication and synthesis of nucleic acids. Transmission
and distribution of genetic material; Mendelian principles;
Segregation; Independent assortment; Probality and statistical testing;
Dominance relations and multiple alleles in diploid organisms;
Environmental effects and gene expression; Gene interaction and
lethality; Sex determination and sex linkage in diploids; Maternal
effects and cytoplasmic heredity; Quantitative inheritance; Analysis of
quantitative characters; Arragement of genetic material; Linkage and
recombination; Gene mapping in diploids; Recombination in fungi;
Recombination in bacteria; Recombination in viruses; Change and
structure of genetic material;Chromosome variation in number; Changes in
chromosome structure; Gene mutation; Induced genetic changes and DNA
repair mechanisms; genetic fine structure; Function of genetic material;
Nature of the genetic code; Gene regulation; Gene manipulation;
Differentiation and pattern; Course of genetic material in populations;
Gene frequencies and equilibrium; Changes in gene frequencies;
Inbreedings and heterosis; Genetic strucuture of populations; Speciation
and evolution; Prospects for the control of human evolution



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